Not just housing needs!

We have more thanks for the hard work and involvement of our neighborhoods in Central Columbia, including the Ridgeway Neighborhood Association and the surrounding neighborhoods!

Construction of the large bioretention basins on the block of Lynn and Sexton started today. Much of the Lynn Cottage’s neighborhood and surrounding blocks are adversely impacted by storm water challenges. The City of Columbia’s neighborhood engagement process for the development of the Lynn Cottages, during the fall of 2015, identified storm water improvements as the most critical need for the neighborhood. The storm water improvements at Lynn and Sexton go above and beyond what was required for the Lynn Street Cottages development and will have many benefits to the neighborhood for generations to come!




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Another Lynn Street Closing

Today we closed on the house built by Job Point. Thank you to Job Point, Monarch Title and Providence bank for all you do, and congratulations to another homeowner on Lynn Street!

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Cullimore Cottages

We made good progress on further refining a conceptual layout for the Cullimore Cottages project to take place on N. 8th Street. Last night’s meeting with the NCCNA was a great way to honor the work of founding CCLT Board member, Dan Cullimore. Dan worked to codify the needs and viewpoints of the neighborhood in the CCLT Bylaws by ensuring board 1/3 of CCLT Board members represent the “demographics, cultural perspectives and broader interests of the neighborhoods where CLT homes are being developed”. Last night’s meeting was a great way to ensure the broader interests of the neighborhood are being considered in the development of the CCLT’s next project. Construction is anticipated to begin in spring of 2019. Thanks to all the neighborhood members for your participation.

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N. 8th Street Tree Preservation

You may remember that City Council approved the purchase of property on North 8th street in May. City staff, the CCLT and the neighborhood have all come together to begin work on the project! The neighborhood was very involved in selecting which trees they wanted to save. Staff worked diligently to preserve healthy trees, while also clearing the trees that would be in the way or damage future homes. Jake was out on N. 8th earlier this month fencing off the trees that we hope to save!

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To Commemorate Lynn Street

With the Lynn St. Project nearly completed, the Housing Programs office received a much appreciated gift. To commemorate the success of the project, Toni Messina delivered a Lynn St. sign! Thank Toni for the thoughtful gift! We all look forward to many more successful projects in the future!

Randy, Gary and Jake
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Lynn Street Update!

CMCA’s house is really coming along! Last week there were some studs and this week they have walls! We can’t wait to see what they have finished next week!


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